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Your Briefs sorted me out for the London Marathon! Thanks :-)
- Phillip Tarry

I'll take one of each! Nothing touches this a*se except Runderwear!
- Dellus West

Such a great product, this has been so missing from the market. Having run in both the male boxer and briefs over the last few weeks I find these incredibly comfortable. Have been great on all types of runs, from speed work to the long runs. Running generally twice a day will mean I need to stock up on this great product. ps. Found the boxer great for wearing just day to day - Great product Team Runderwear.
- Mark Speed

Just wanted to say how much I love my pants, actually bought them at the VMLM expo!
- Elaine Garrett Robinson

I bought a pair of Runderwear at the excel registration for the marathon, wore them race day and they worked a treat. So glad I found them!!
- Rebecca Cox

I have worn Rundawear for a few years now. I've done runs as well obstacle events and it's always been really comfortable with no rubbing etc. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.
- Becca Lewis

Running underwear; the long forgotten piece of kit that no manufacturer seems to want to make... well no more! Was intrigued when I saw the stand at the London Marathon expo, had a great chat with the chap selling them, then bought pairs for myself and my wife. We both broke the cardinal rule of "don't run a marathon in new kit" by wearing them the next day and I'm glad I did; first big run with no chaffing! Buy this product if you run, and buy this product if you know someone else who runs; they probably won't own a pair yet but they ought to!
- Dominic Spayne

I wore these in the Paris marathon and had 26.2 well supported and chafe free miles. Plus, I got a PB of 2:58 :)
- Matthew Moroney

I bought one pair of the briefs to go running in, but now have a drawer full as I have found them so good that I wear them for football, yoga, running and cycling! Great pants that are still in tip top condition after weekly wear and washing for almost two years, testament to their durability and quality, as well as their comfort for me to keep wearing them! Keep up the good work guys!
- Tim Gelardi

Excellent piece of kit. Would highly recommend. Very comfortable and no chaffing or digging in. My husband also bought a pair and we took a risk by wearing them for the first time on the Virgin London marathon 2015 and the risk was worth it. I'm so glad I bought them. Once again, would highly recommend!
- Joanna Parker Robinson

I am guilty of running the marathon this Sunday wearing brand new Runderwear. Best purchase of the weekend. So comfy!! I will be buying more. Thank you :-)
- Catharine Horsfall

I bought a pair of the women's underwear at the VLM expo after a perfect bit of sales patter ;-) I wore them in the race and can't recommend them enough! They are made from soft stretchy material that fits your body perfectly, they are high in the waist so no issues with getting caught in the waistband of your shorts and best of all there's no excess material to bunch up or rub and they are flexible. 5 out of 5 I will definitely be buying more!
- Lorna Spayne

Ran Brighton Marathon in my Runderwear pants yesterday, great product, no chafing at all, love them !!! It was also nice to meet the guys at the Brighton expo - keep up the good work :-)
- Soraya Hawke-Perry

I am running in this underwear and cycling. This is the best and most comfortable part of my wardrobe!
- Justyna Bieniek

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At last... chaff free running.

Had just about given up with the belief there were running shorts out there that don’t chaff. Purchased the long shorts, and have to say they are wonderful. They are stable, breathable, comfortable and total chaff free.
I would like to highlight I was under the impression that these were “proper” shorts, however they could possibly be described as a base layer shorts. Some form of lightweight run shorts are recommended to wear over them to cover your modesty. Wearing my lightweight run shorts over the top of them didn’t detract from the long shorts benefits.
I typically run up to 21km.


Comfortable, well made, get some !

So breathable and awesome

What an amazing pair of shorts. So incredible you actually feel like wearing your own skin. What a feeling to run in these. And thanks for nice handwritten message that came through as well. I just love these shorts.

Great company, great service!

Runderwear delivers Excellent Customer Service!! Thank you Rianca

Different versions of exactly the same item I ordered

I ordered 5 pairs in two batches. The first batch was perfect 👌 the second is a mix of different versions and qualities. Not happy with that 😓

Hi Stefanie, thank you for your review and so sorry you weren't happy with the second batch you received. Its possible you received an older design the second time around of which we have a few left. The quality of the anti blister function should be the same though, but I will give you a call, Rianca