FAQ - What makes Runderwear the greatest running accessory in the world

What is Runderwear?

Runderwear is a brand that designs a range of seamless, moisture wicking underwear for sport. Runderwear aims to keep athletes chafe free and comfortable to perform.

What makes Runderwear different?

Runderwear only designs undergarments for sport - so the brand is able to concentrate solely on this and be the very best at it. The Runderwear is all constructed on a 360 degree seamless technology machine - so no nasty seams digging into the hips or legs.

What materials do Runderwear use?

Runderwear uses a Polyamide, specifically selected to wick moisture quickly from the skin to keep you sweat free. Runderwear also uses Elastane to give athletes the ultimate comfort levels through superior fit.

Tell me more about the company

Runderwear™ is a brand on a mission; to create the best Sports Underwear in the world. The brand is the brainchild of two former Loughborough University Students, Jamie Smalley and Richard Edmonds. Both are exceptionally keen sportsmen and the business was built out of passion. Launched in 2013 at the London Marathon Exhibition the product was sold out halfway through the show – making the Runderwear™ Team realise that the product was innovative, unique and something the market was craving for…

“As competitive Athletes we felt we couldn’t find underwear that matched up to the other clothing and equipment we were using to help us perform. It was like sportspeople just accepted that they would wear ‘normal’ underwear underneath their kit. We made it our mission to create a product that changed the world of what people wore underneath for sport.”

"We travelled around the world trying to source the best fabrics and machinery to make our dream become reality. We then spent two years sampling our products to make sure we had something unique that customers loved."

"We will constantly push down barriers to create the best Sports Underwear in the world"

can I buy additional colours?

Other colours will be available soon.

How do I wash Runderwear?

We recommending washing Runderwear at 40 degrees. They dry so quickly you won't need to use a tumble dryer.

is shopping on your site safe?

totally. our site uses SSL which means all information entered is encrypted and passed securely to our payment processor (stripe, who are a global card payment processor) or paypal (well, you know who they are). happy shopping.

what currency do you accept?

all payment is taken in United Arab Emirate Dirhams (Dhs).

do you offer free delivery?

absolutely. We will ship your order free of charge for orders over Dhs 150.

can I return my Runderwear?

Due to health reasons we do not accept returns on Runderwear Briefs, Hot Pants, G Strings, Boxers or Low - Rise Briefs. We do accept returns on Crop Tops.

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239 reviews
At last... chaff free running.

Had just about given up with the belief there were running shorts out there that don’t chaff. Purchased the long shorts, and have to say they are wonderful. They are stable, breathable, comfortable and total chaff free.
I would like to highlight I was under the impression that these were “proper” shorts, however they could possibly be described as a base layer shorts. Some form of lightweight run shorts are recommended to wear over them to cover your modesty. Wearing my lightweight run shorts over the top of them didn’t detract from the long shorts benefits.
I typically run up to 21km.


Comfortable, well made, get some !

So breathable and awesome

What an amazing pair of shorts. So incredible you actually feel like wearing your own skin. What a feeling to run in these. And thanks for nice handwritten message that came through as well. I just love these shorts.

Great company, great service!

Runderwear delivers Excellent Customer Service!! Thank you Rianca

Different versions of exactly the same item I ordered

I ordered 5 pairs in two batches. The first batch was perfect 👌 the second is a mix of different versions and qualities. Not happy with that 😓

Hi Stefanie, thank you for your review and so sorry you weren't happy with the second batch you received. Its possible you received an older design the second time around of which we have a few left. The quality of the anti blister function should be the same though, but I will give you a call, Rianca