Putting our new Tri Suit to the test at the Runderwear UAE Launch

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On Sunday we officially launched in the UAE with an incredible event at Breeze Beach Grill on the Palm. The venue’s unique floating pool was an ideal location to showcase the brand, even though we decided to host it on one of the 3 days a year that it rains in Dubai.

The event gave runners and triathletes the opportunity to see first-hand our latest products, meet Runderwear co-founder Richard Edmonds and witness an exciting Swim/Bike competition featuring well-known local athletes.

Starting off the night, Richard Edmonds, told the story of how he started Runderwear close friend Jamie Smalley. When training for the New York Marathon the pair became frustrated at not being able to find any good underwear for running, they knew that it didn’t make sense to be paying for expensive shorts, tops and trainers and then wearing our normal underwear. The pair set about solving the problem of discomfort they were experiencing from their normal underwear by travelling the world looking for the best fabrics and techniques.  

Fast forward 5 years and Runderwear has grown into a leading running brand in the UK producing award-winning, chafe-free running underwear. This year the brand was voted as The Best Underwear and Socks Brand at the UK Running Awards

Building on their reputation for developing performance underwear the brand has recently expanded their product line to include cushioning socks, Tri suits and their first High Impact Fully Supportive Bra. All created with materials and production techniques that guarantee to keep wearers, comfortable and chafe-free mile after mile.

With the triathlon season just getting started in the UAE we were keen to put the new Tri Suit to the test with an exciting Swim/Bike team competition that challenged teams of three to each complete two lengths swim followed by 1 km on static bikes provided by Technogym. The competition’s participants took the challenge of testing the product very seriously with warm-ups commencing long before guests began to arrive!

The competition was fierce with teams giving it their all, no spoilers here so if you’d like to see who won watch the competition in full:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PiAfViaU3fI&t=

It was great to see so many members of the running and triathlon community in attendance, we hope that you enjoyed the event as much as we did and if there's one thing to take away from the event it's that Runderwear keeps you comfortable and chafe-free in all weather conditions....

We’d like to thank our challenge teams for their participation and Technogym for providing the bicycles.

TriDubai: Hasan Itani, Lynette Warn and Giles Richardson
Kona Legends: Andy Edwards, Liz Marshall and Mark Fourie
Team Runderwear: Marc Carson, Simone Camposeranio and Rinat Mustafin.



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243 reviews

These socks are the best running socks I have ever purchased

Good service, product is fit for purpose

Service is great, and the boxer shorts are good for running and so the job they are designed for. Little disappointed that they are not ethically sourced, they have a cheapish feel to them which was a surprise.

Thank you for your feedback Duncan. Runderwear's range of seamless underwear has sustainability benefits over cut and sew garments by reducing wastage of fabric at manufacturing stage. We are testing new fabrics that have been made using sustainable fibers and aim to bring these into our range in the near future. All our factories are quality control checked to the highest standard and our small team regularly visit them and are satisfied that working conditions are ok. We are somewhat surprised you find the pants have a cheapish feel to them. But maybe you mean that the material is not thick and when you stretch it and look up-close it has an almost gauze-like appearance; this is the nature of the product and gives it the moisture wicking properties. We hope you will like using them and will realize how comfy they are.



Super comfy and stay in place. U.K. size 10 and ordered small.

Women's Running Long Shorts
Cassandra Kay-Lewis
At last... chaff free running.

Had just about given up with the belief there were running shorts out there that don’t chaff. Purchased the long shorts, and have to say they are wonderful. They are stable, breathable, comfortable and total chaff free.
I would like to highlight I was under the impression that these were “proper” shorts, however they could possibly be described as a base layer shorts. Some form of lightweight run shorts are recommended to wear over them to cover your modesty. Wearing my lightweight run shorts over the top of them didn’t detract from the long shorts benefits.
I typically run up to 21km.