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Here at Runderwear™ HQ we practise what we preach.  We are a group of runners who are out every weekend at the same races you are, trying to get those PBs!

As we build up to Christmas the chat around the office kitchen has been our 2018 goals.  We would love to hear yours too!  Please share them with us on our Facebook or Instagram pages using the hashtag #DontRunCommando

Our 2018 Goals 

Co-Founder - Jamie 

2017 has been my first go at the Ultra Running Scene having done the MSIG Hong Kong 50 and the McDowell Mountain Frenzy 50km in Phoenix, Arizona.  I absolutely loved it!  Therefore my big dream this year would be to run OCC in Chamonix in August.  Fingers crossed for the ballot!  At the same time I would love to achieve my long term target of sub 35mins for 10km.  I recently ran 36.40 and my PB is 35.30.  The question is can I combine the long ultra running with the spadework it would take to get under 35mins? 2018 will tell me!

1) Run OCC in August and qualify for CCC in 2019

2) Run a sub 35 minutes for 10k
Co-Founder - Rich
I have loved running more over the last 3 months since our move down to Dorset.  The beach runs and trails really motivate you to get out and hit the miles.  I am still combining running with CrossFit training so some runs I do feel the legs are heavy after I have been lifting in the gym.  However my running is improving with the consistency and running with the Runderwear™ team.  I recently ran 40.53 at the Boscombe 10km so the short term aim would be a sub 40min 10km.  But by the end of the year I would love to run sub 38mins as my target.  Also I will be going to the Park Run races as often as I can so to get that down under 18mins would be great!
1) 5km - Sub 18mins
2) 10km - Sub 38mins
I have managed to get a few PBs this year so I really want to kick on and keep the momentum going into 2018.  I ran a 10mile PB recently at the Wimborne 10 with 62.28 for my club Purbeck Runners.  This has given me confidence to get after a Marathon PB in 2018.  Having entered the first ever Wales Marathon in April I am hoping to run 2.55.  At the same time I have run 85 Park Runs so hoping to get 15 more in 2018 to hit the 100 mark!
1) 2.55 Marathon
2.  Reach 100 Park Runs
I have such an amazing position - I get to go to events all around the UK every week to spread the word of Runderwear™ but also run in some fantastic races! Ultra running is my true love and my immediate aim is the Tarawera Ultra in February in New Zealand.  This is a 102km race with some epic scenery - I can't wait!  My big aim of 2018 is to run 100miles in under 20 hours.  Running 8km an hour for 20 hours straight will be an incredibly tough challenge - watch this space!
1) Run 100miles under 20 hours
2) Achieve a new marathon PB (currently 3:08:32)
Joining the Runderwear™ team in 2017 has inspired me to set some running goals for 2018 (well that and the pressure from Jamie to go out and run with him!)  I have set myself a challenging goal of running a 10km by the end of the year.  The rest of the team are going to make sure I keep going!  Wish me luck.
1) Run a 10km in 2018


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