Marathon Kit Checklist

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Use our marathon kit checklist!

You've trained for months and the big day is fast approaching. Time to taper, get a positive mindset and visualise crossing that finish line. What you don't want to be doing is worrying about what kit to pack and whether you've forgotten anything.

Here's our marathon kit checklist to help:

Number Collection / Expo

  • Driving licence/photo id for race number collection
  • Confirmation email
  • Race day timings. Google where the start is, what tube stop, coach stop, how far a walk etc.
  • Say hello to us at stand 266!

 Race Kit

  • Socks
  • Trainers
  • Plastic bags to put over trainers at start
  • Runderwear™!
  • Shorts
  • Gel belt (if used. E.g. Flipbelt.
  • Running vest/t-shirt
  • Watch if you use one AND CHARGER!
  • Sunglasses and cap or visor if you wear these
  • Vaseline or Body Glide cream
  • Suncream - if the sun comes out at mile 2, you've got a good few hours in the sun to look forward to!

Race Nutrition

  • Gels
  • Food bars, e.g. Tribe
  • Water bottle and preferred drink to go in it (if you don't plan on using the race provided drinks.

Post Race

  • Arrange where you're going to meet friends and family at the end. Mobile signal can be ropey with so many people in one place. London has different lettered meeting points so pick a letter and arrange beforehand.
  • Clothing to get changed into afterwards, including tracksuit bottoms and hoodie/jumper.
  • Food and energy drink for straight after – banana etc. Best to eat carbs within 30mins – to 2 hours after, as that’s when body best at absorbing.

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243 reviews

These socks are the best running socks I have ever purchased

Good service, product is fit for purpose

Service is great, and the boxer shorts are good for running and so the job they are designed for. Little disappointed that they are not ethically sourced, they have a cheapish feel to them which was a surprise.

Thank you for your feedback Duncan. Runderwear's range of seamless underwear has sustainability benefits over cut and sew garments by reducing wastage of fabric at manufacturing stage. We are testing new fabrics that have been made using sustainable fibers and aim to bring these into our range in the near future. All our factories are quality control checked to the highest standard and our small team regularly visit them and are satisfied that working conditions are ok. We are somewhat surprised you find the pants have a cheapish feel to them. But maybe you mean that the material is not thick and when you stretch it and look up-close it has an almost gauze-like appearance; this is the nature of the product and gives it the moisture wicking properties. We hope you will like using them and will realize how comfy they are.



Super comfy and stay in place. U.K. size 10 and ordered small.

Women's Running Long Shorts
Cassandra Kay-Lewis
At last... chaff free running.

Had just about given up with the belief there were running shorts out there that don’t chaff. Purchased the long shorts, and have to say they are wonderful. They are stable, breathable, comfortable and total chaff free.
I would like to highlight I was under the impression that these were “proper” shorts, however they could possibly be described as a base layer shorts. Some form of lightweight run shorts are recommended to wear over them to cover your modesty. Wearing my lightweight run shorts over the top of them didn’t detract from the long shorts benefits.
I typically run up to 21km.